Thanasis Konstantopoulos

Athanasios Konstantopoulos CV.pdf

I am a self-taught professional photographer and cinematographer based in Thessaloniki, Greece.  I’m hitherto interested in pursuing a career as a director of photography. My first camera, a compact film one, came into my hands as a child;  I started taking pictures of sceneries and I slowly immersed in the amazing world of photography. For me, cinema and photography constitute a way of expression, a constant reflection, a collision of people, cities and nature. In my work, I’m mostly interested in the interaction of people and their environment.

I was a student at the Photographic Club of the School of Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for a year. During that time, I learned to apply darkroom techniques and process photographic film. Later on, due to my experience, I began teaching photographic techniques to the club’s newer members for three consecutive years. I have taken pictures of Greek and international music artists in numerous live concerts and I have participated in photo contests. I’m a freelancer and currently coopering with P2 photography, GO Productions and the songwriter George Oikonomou as his exclusive photographer.

I have taken part in many video productions. I’m currently working as director of photography in two Greek TV shows: the cooking show “Happy Cook” (SKAI TV) and the cinema preview show “Sinema Horis Kaskol” (TV100). I was the director of photography in the film “Dark Illusion” (2014) which was awarded the Audience Award in 55th Thessaloniki International Film Festival. I was also a member of the production team of the documentary “Heroes of the Flicks” (2012). Furthermore, I’ve participated in the production of many corporate videos (e.g. Ippokration General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Fama Food Service) and music videos of Greek artists (e.g. De Facto, Harry S, Straw Tone). Finally, I’ve created promo videos and TV spots for various organizations/events (e.g. Open House Thessaloniki, Woman Shelter Greece).

I can confidently work with software such as Adobe Suite, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Looks and Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve.

I am also involved in related artistic activities. I am a guitar player and I occasionally play in live shows/festivals as a member of various rock/pop bands in Greece. I’m currently the front-man and guitarist of the progressive psychedelic rock band “Deep Rain Stimulation”. I enjoy working on graphic design and I’ve produced many logos and posters in the process.